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Poultry Testing Services

Jon is an independent poultry tester for the State of Maine.


If you ever wish to show your birds at a fair or poultry show, chances are you are going to need to prove that your birds do not carry pullorum typhoid. The National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) is a program designed to certify that you have a clean flock. This involves a blood test as well as small inspection of your coop and your poultry rearing practices.


This service can be scheduled by sending an email to (also via our contact page).


We are happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule your test date. We do ask that you provide us with a little bit of information in the email so that way when Jon comes to test your flock he can have the paperwork started – this makes the process very efficient.


Question include:

        Have you been NPIP certified before?

        How many birds do you currently have?

        What are the species and breeds you currently have in your flock?

        What are a couple dates/times that would work for a testing date?

        Please also provide your address, so we can provide a quote for testing.


The first time you are tested, we need to test your whole flock, for re-certification it only a portion of your flock with an even sampling of each breed you may raise.


Testing must be completed at the flock location. Please keep birds in an area where they are easy to catch and sort. If the birds are not identified in some manner, we will need to identify them. State of Maine wing bands will/can be provided if you have no other forms of identification. Provided your flock has a clean test and a satisfactory grade on the inspection, certification paperwork will be provided same day.


Pricing: $2 a bird, $1 a mile from 5 North Rd, Limington – with a total $20 minimum.


Example 1: you have 10 birds to test and live 10 miles away = $30

Example 2: you have 4 birds to test and you live 5 miles away = $20

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