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The Ramblings of a Farmer

There is something about living on a farm that just feels different than any other home I have lived in. This old house and land, seems to have it's own beating heart, rhythm and life. I’ve never lived anywhere so windy, that seems odd but it is true. Nor have I ever lived on so large a property (12 acres) and the freedom of that has me yearning for more land, more pastures, more animals, more peace. Venturing further into the country, further from the hustle and bustle of town was a struggle at first (well, mostly the 40-45 minute commute each way for my off farm job) but now I can’t even imagine living closer to town, closer to the stresses of modern life.

Last spring was our first spring on our farm (though not our first season farming or homesteading), and the thing I remember most about that first spring was how amazing all the flowers were. Popping up everywhere - blooming around the house, by the driveway, along the fence lines. Even when hit with another frost or snow, those sunny blooms brought a very welcome sign of Spring after a very cold and bitter winter.

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, I was just mesmerized by the flowers and the trees here. I would walk the worn path into the woods between our home and the pastures and just revel in the beauty, peace and quiet. It is a different sort of quiet underneath the thick canopy, a different sort of peace that only the forest and Mother Nature can provide.

Now, on the crest of another beautiful spring and bountiful summer, I have such a yearning to see those blooms start to pop up again as the weather turns and the snow begins to disappear.

And for now, because I cannot possibly write a post with no pictures, a small taste of the earliest blooms from last year.


Do you have any perennials that you are looking forward to seeing again this coming spring?



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