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Planning the garden

I don't know that I have ever been more excited for Spring. I've usually enjoyed winter for what it is- a chance to slow down, relax a bit, read a good book (or many). However, the further we get into homesteading and farming, the more I find myself looking forward to and planning for the next season.

And this year it's the garden that's captured my attention. I've found myself inspired by bloggers, podcasters and youtubers, all with the same lofty dreams that we have: produce & preserve as much of our food, for the year, as possible and raise ethical and humanely raised animals for meat or eggs.

In order to reach these goals, we need to continue to build up our farm infrastructure and begin to clear more land for pasture. Which means that this year we expand the garden, build the raised garden beds, plant the fruit trees and bushes and put up the greenhouse. Maybe get a few more animals too. Who knows?

Which brings me to seeds. Can't have a garden without seeds, right? This year I decided that we would mostly grow a heirloom garden. Heirloom seeds can be more unique than what you would see on the shelves at your local feed store or home and garden store. Purple tomatoes, blue corn, black carrots, blue pumpkins... there is so much variety. And if you are going to go through all the effort of growing your own food, why not make what you are harvesting the coolest produce ever?

As far as seed companies go, I have found quite a few through the aforementioned youtubers and chose two companies to purchase from this year. I have purchased most of the seeds we will use this year from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds but I also ordered some more seeds from MI Gardener after seeing a youtuber talk about the great prices (can't beat $0.99 heirloom seeds!) and selection.

I haven't received the seeds from MI Gardener yet but below is my haul from the Comstock Faire & Market where I bought the Baker Creek seeds, with a few seeds we had previously.

Yes. Not kidding, this is just the beginning.


And with more on the way, it's going to be epic.

Go big or go home, right?


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