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Breed Spotlight: Cream Brabanter

We raise quite a few different breeds here on the farm and homestead. One of the more unique breeds is a bit newer to our flock and that is the Cream Brabanter.

The Brabanter is a rare and ancient dutch breed of chicken, having been recorded back as far as 16th century. The breed is reported to have been revived from near extinction in the early 1900's. The Brabanter is rare in Europe and even rarer here in the US. Though there are several varieties overseas, we only have the Cream and Gold varieties in the US.

The Cream variety (pictured throughout as these are the ones we raise) has a golden feather with black tips, that look like polka-dots. They have both a beard and a top-hat and with a small, compact comb.

We have found these birds to be personable and striking. They are fairly cold hardy and one of our easiest breeds to care for.

Since our flock is young, they have yet to show what kind of layers they will prove to be. I look forward to seeing how productive they get as we get into the warmer months. For now we will just have to enjoy them for their looks and personalities. Have you ever seen such an odd looking chicken?

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