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Meet the Chickens! 

And other poultry! :)

We raise quality show stock and currently have the following breeds:

* Bantam Cochin (Black, Blue, Self-Blue, Splash)

* Bantam White Leghorn

* Standard Black Ameracauana 

* Standard Black Copper Marans

* Standard Cream Brabanter

For additional egg production, we have miscellaneous layers. 

We participate in yearly shows and fairs, to ensure we are doing a good job breeding to the Standard of Perfection. 

We have also added Turkey's and Guinea Fowl to our farm. We are currently raising Blue Slate Turkey's, a heritage breed. 

Blue Cochin

These dark on top, light on bottom blue birds are a personal favorite. Cochins are our staple breed and in order to breed blues you need both black and splash colors. This is definitely one we focus on for exhibition.  

Black Cochin

The OG of cochins. If you breed cochins for show chances are you started with a black or white. We use our black cochins for improving the other colors we raise, easily our cochins with the best type. 

Self-Blue Cochin

Our rarest color of cochin. Although they are beautiful in color they often lack the feather quality of the other varieties. We continue to breed for type and hope to offer these in the future. 

Splash Cochin

These are can be very flashy! We find that the colors get better with age (or as the molt). We find these to be some of our friendliest cochins. 

Cream Brabanter

Our rarest breed. This is an old world breed of chicken that was used in the development of the white leghorn. Despite their flashy looks, they produce a very plain normal white egg. 

White Leghorn

Our best starter breed. These little bantams are super friendly and very easy keepers. Not to mention they lay a good number of eggs and ours have been known to hatch their own babies. 

Black Ameraucana

With so many people mixing this breed to create easter and olive egger birds we thought it would be best to become stewards of this breed and focus on breeding purebreds. We also love their beautiful blue eggs. 

Black Copper Marans

Our focus with this breed is type. They produce a nice dark brown egg which some of our patrons have called the best tasting eggs they have ever had. 

Pearl Guinea Fowl

I keep telling myself I could write a book on all the antics of these silly goonie birds. They are definitely not for everyone but that's OK because they are for us!

Blue Slate Turkeys

Not the easiest birds to breed but dang are they pretty! They are not a large turkey but they produce an excellent small table bird. 

Meet the piggies! 

Meet our pig! We have historically raised feeder pigs which grow a delicious product, but our goal is to grow into a small farrow to finish operation. In order to accomplish this we searched for the best bred pigs we could find and were able to purchase a show big after she retired from exhibition. 


She is the world's most interesting pig and she knows it! She is a very kind and loving  animal and will properly roll over for belly scratches anytime you want. We were unfortunately unsuccessful breeding her in 2023 but we look forward to trying again in early 2024. 

Meet the sheep!


Gamora is definitely a favorite around here. She is our friendliest sheep and will make friends with just about anyone!


Sansa is our purebred Kahdahin. She is an excellent Mom and just a sweet heart of a sheep. 

These are the lucky ladies that call Emerald Acres their home. 


Scarlet is our biggest and wooliest girl. She can be a big stubborn but always appreciates a good shave in the spring.


Our Feisty girl! She is typically the flock leader when there are no boys around. She is also a Katahdin cross but doesn't lose her wool as well as Gamora and Sansa. 

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