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AI Services

Jon was an AI technician for Genex up until they pulled service out of Southern Maine.


Since then he has been free lancing breeding services to keep in practice.


Currently we do not own a semen tank, so he is offering arm service only. Jon does still have a full-time job (4 days a week) so services need take place around that schedule – this would just mean really early or really late on those days he is working.


Service within an hour of Limington –

             First cow is $40, each additional cow is $20 for the same stop.


 If farther than an hour please reach out to discuss pricing


DISCLAIMER: Although it is always our goal, AI service resulting in pregnancy is not a guarantee. There are many factors that go into a cow becoming pregnant including timing, nutrition, and age. These factors can result in an unsuccessful breeding. After the breeding is complete Jon will be happy to share his thoughts about how the palpation went.

If you are interested in setting up service, please contact us directly via the contact page.

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